Turkey in a Bag

1 Serving Overnight Method This recipe makes a very moist turkey Sprinkle salt and pepper generously inside and outside of turkey. Rub salt and pepper and some oil on turkey. Pour the rest of the oil in a large paper bag (you will need two bags for an 18 pound turkey and over) and circulate until completely coated and soaked thru. Dump most of the excess. Place turkey in bag and staple shut (if using 2 bags, staple at opening over center of bird. Bake turkey in a 275 - 300� oven for 30 minutes per pound. Cut away bag, drain out juices (for gravy) and right before eating (around 1/2 hour to 45 minutes) baste turkey with juices and place in a 400� oven, checking every 15 minutes so that the turkey is not over-browned.


Category: Poultry